Safely Using HGH

You’ve done your research and know what the benefits and side effects of HGH can be; now you want to know how to use it safely. You’ve heard all of those horror stories of people not using it correctly and getting cancer, diabetes or strange changes to their bones and you want to avoid all of that.

One of the biggest safety issues when injecting HGH yourself is sanitation. Making sure the syringe is sterile and the water used to reconstitute the HGH for sale is a problem. Sharing with friends is great, but when it comes to injections don’t share the same needle. There’s no guarantee that something won’t get transmitted when sharing needles.

If the water isn’t sterile, there’s the possibility of infection or introducing anything that’s added to the tap water to yours blood stream. The additives in tap water are not safe for injection into the blood stream, especially because the additives are added to keep bacteria and lead out of our drinking water.

Another big safety concern is knowing that what you have is legit HGH for sale. This safety issue has two options; one is to get a doctor who’s willing to prescribe HGH to you or find a lab that you trust and buy it directly from them. If you decide to buy directly from the lab expect it to be pricey, HGH is hard to make, making the price much higher.

When you do get your HGH keep it refrigerated, HGH is a very fragile hormone and can break apart into high of a temperature or if the liquid form is shaking too vigorously. This is why HGH is in a powdered format in the vial, to help protect it from breaking apart. Because of its sensitivity keep even the powder refrigerated. When reconstituting the HGH don’t inject the water onto the powder, turn the vial upside down and inject the water that way. This process protects the HGH from breaking apart by to much force from the water.

There are some fundamental safety concerns that need to be taken into account. Making sure the equipment is sterile, that the HGH is handled gently, so it doesn’t break apart are all part of working with HGH. You should also keep in mind that for age reversing and weight loss the recommended dose is 4 IU’s, anything over this dose is when people start seeing side effects. The worse side effects are not seen very often and usually only show up with mega-doses of HGH.