HGH injections vs HGH pills

You’ve decided you want to start taking HGH, but there are so many options on the market that you’re not sure which one to take. There are injections and pills that say they either are the hormone or they’re releasers that give the same effects as the injections.

Simply put HGH injections have the real HGH hormone in them. When you take or get the injection, the HGH hormone is being released into your system. The pills that claim to release more HGH into your system are just that; they don’t have actual HGH in them, they encourage your body to release it’s HGH.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both forms of HGH. The injections are good because they’re HGH and can work directly on the body. The pills have to work with the body to release the HGH. Injections can be painful, and there are many safety risks with injections, especially if you’re not getting them from a doctor. The pills aren’t the actual hormone.

If your body can’t produce the HGH then the injections are better for you, if you can produce the HGH, then the pills are more convenient. People who are looking to get the same benefits as HGH will do better for the pills. The pills are legal, and many people get the same results with the pills and don’t need to take the risks that taking the hormone entails.

If you have a medical issue where you’re not producing enough HGH, then you need to talk to your doctor. Your doctor is the only one that can prescribe HGH and make sure that it’s a pure form. If you buy HGH from underground labs, you still need to inject it, and you need to make sure that you’re getting pure HGH. Injections can be painful and annoying, along with the irritation of having to use a needle on yourself multiple times a day.

If you need HGH directly, then there’s only one option for you which is the injections. If you’re just looking for the same benefits, then the pills are a better option. The pills aren’t the HGH hormone; they’re designed to help the body release HGH. The injectable form of HGH is only legal with a prescription which makes it much harder to obtain HGH, making the pills easier to take and more convenient to get.